Activities and Programmes

The numerous activities made under the Integrity programme include:

  • the promotion of the WCO integrity strategies and tools achieved through active participation in international and regional meetings;
  • the workshop activities, including train-the-trainer workshops on integrity, in Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Argentina, Malaysia and Bahrain in co-operation with donor agencies and Regional Offices for Capacity Building; and
  • integration of the Integrity Programme into the broader work of the WCO, for example, a major Chapter on integrity in the Capacity Building Diagnostic Framework; a key component of the self-assessment checklists for the SAFE Framework of Standards (SAFE) and Trade Facilitation; and an integrated part of diagnostics.
  • Besides updating integrity tools, several projects focus on integrity:
    • "Project GAPIN" combined integrity and enforcement aimed at raising Customs’ awareness on wildlife trafficking which is often linked to breaches in integrity.
    • The Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme for Customs responds to the increased demand from WCO Members for support in their own efforts to promote integrity and meet the recommendations of the Revised Arusha Declaration on Integrity in Customs, recognizing the high costs of corruption, to both public and private sectors.